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Standard Role Cards







The leader is responsible for keeping the group on the assigned task at hand. S/he also makes sure that all members of the group have an opportunity to participate, learn and have the respect of their team members. The leader may also want to check to make sure that all of the group members have mastered the learning points of a group exercise.





The recorder picks and maintains the group files and folders on a daily basis and keeps records of all group activities including the material contributed by each group member. The recorder writes out the solutions to problems for the group to use as notes or to submit to the instructor. The recorder may also prepare presentation materials when the group makes oral presentations to the class.







The reporter gives oral responses to the class about the group's activities or conclusions.






The monitor is responsible for making sure that the group's work area is left the way it was found and acts as a timekeeper for timed activities.






The wildcard acts as an assistant to the group leader and assumes the role of any member that may be missing.








Revised Role Cards

























Cooperative Learning Grouping Strategies




1. Jigsaw


Enter your text here



2. Think-Pair-Share


Enter your text here



3. Three-Step Interview


Enter your text here



4. Round Robin Brainstorming


Enter your text here



5. Three-minute review


Enter your text here



6. Numbered Heads


Enter your text here



7. Team Pair Solo


Enter your text here



8. Circle the Sage


Enter your text here



9. Partners


 Enter your text here








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