Assigning Roles


Review the Standard Cooperative Learning Roles. These are common/standard /popular cooperative learning roles.


At your table, brainstorm roles that might be assigned to students when using cooperative learning strategies with laptops & other Dysart Technologies. Will you modify these roles to include the usage of technology or create whole new roles?


Update the roles in your group's page. See the sidebar for your group's page.


We will share our updated roles at the end.


Grouping Strategies


Your group will be assigned a grouping strategy or strategies.

  Take 10 minutes to find out all your group can about the assigned strategy.
  Update your group's page with the information you found about the assigned strategy. They may also include any pertinent links to visuals, audio, examples, videos, etc.

Using Wikis


What are Wikis? (about 4:00 mins)


Why use a PBwiki? (about 1:30 mins)


Create your own PBwiki and link it to your teacher website.

The Next Step
  Individual and Group Accountability & Assessing Products