Individual and Group Accountability - Assessing Products


Individual & Group Accountability
  Individual checks on learning throughout the timeline using anecdotal notes, self-assessments (alternative example 1, alternative example 2) and reflections, peer feedback, conferences, observational checklists, & mini-quizzes.
  Group checks on learning throughout the timeline using checklists (alternative example), voting, anecdotal notes, & team assessment.
  United Streaming QuizBuilder (Code: CD87-2C3F)



Assessing Products
   Rubrics vs Checklists



For Next Time
  Use a cooperative learning strategy with your students.
  Come back with a student-created product that multiple students have worked on.
  Publish the product using any number of tools available; blogs, wikis, VoiceThread, teacher website w/comments, MindMeister, One True Media, BubbleShare, etc.
  We will have a gallery walk to view the cool products!